CNA Job Description

Those aspiring to enter into nursing school as well as those who want a career in the nursing industry can benefit from certified nursing assistant (CAN) training. The training involved generally takes about four weeks to complete; however, each school and program will have different standards. After this training and certification is complete, the CNA will be fully prepared to handle any aspect laid out in the CNA job description including the mobilization of patients as well as assisting with various daily living activities the patient can no longer do on their own.

Patient mobilization

One of the largest aspects of the CNA job description is that of the mobilization of patients. Many patients who require the services of a CNA cannot get out of bed on their own due to injury or illness. The CNA has been fully trained to help patients get out of bed and transfer them to a wheel chair, chair or toilet and assist them in walking around with the use of a walker and gait belt. Additionally, the use of mechanical lifts occurs frequently, especially when a patient has a debilitating disease that affect the use of their legs such as Parkinson’s disease. The CNA is trained to use these lifts. This is a very important aspect where a CNA will provide aid to the patient.

Activities of daily living

There are many tasks that people do every day that some can no longer do on their own. Tasks like brushing teeth, getting dressed and using a toilet are all parts of the CNA job description where patients need assistance. Additionally, the CNA job description also has parts that ensure the proper nutrition and feeding of a patient.

The CNA job description has many elements to it. This is the type of job where the certified nurse assistant will not sit down on a typical shift except to complete paperwork and eat lunch. It is a very fast-paced job that provides quality patient care to those who need it and a sense of accomplishment for the CNA who is helping those who can no longer complete simple tasks on their own.