CNA Certification

Before anyone can become qualified to work as a certified nursing assistant (CNA), they must go through a CNA certification process that consists of both education and testing. Once the testing has been completed, the CNA can begin working in the medical field or go onto nursing school. The CNA is provided with one of the top salaries for a career that does not require a two- or four-year college degree. The demand is high; therefore, anyone who successfully completes the CNA certification will have no problem finding employment.

Education program for CNAs

The educational program for the CNA certification is a two-part program. The first part can be completed in an online format using distance education. This part consists of book work and lectures by an instructor. The CNA will learn all about various diseases, the aging process and skills required to be a CNA and how to use various. Once this part is complete, the student will then go on to their skills training sessions where they will participate in a training program, usually a long-term care facility. They will work with experienced CNAs who will provide on-the-job training and observation. This will get them fully prepared for the testing that completes the certification process.

CNA certification testing

The testing required in the CNA certification consists of a multiple choice written examination. Most states require a score of at least 80 percent on this part. This written exam consists of questions that pertain to the medical field including various skills as well as diseases and basic first aid. After the written examination has been successfully passed, the next element is that of skills testing. This testing consists typically of five different skills that the student completed through training. While all of these skills must be completed successfully to get certified, most states generally allow the student to retake the failed tests if necessary.

The entire CNA certification process should take about a month if the student attends classes full-time in either the classroom or online delivery method; however, the student can take as much time as needed should they choose the online method. The certification itself is a simple process that does not require any additional courses be taken before testing, only the basic CNA course. Once certification is complete, the CNA can begin working in a range of healthcare facilities or choose to enter into nursing school should that be a long-term goal.