Cardiac Nurse Jobs

The cardiac nurse is a registered nurse (RN) who has either extensive experience in the cardiac care unit or has earned a certification in cardiac care and provides patient care to patients who have experienced cardiovascular issues like heart disease or a heart attack. There are many available cardiac nurse jobs available that are located in both the cardiac care unit (CCU) of hospitals as well as in a licensed cardiologist’s office. These jobs typically have few requirements other than that the nurse already has the title of registered nurse as well as some experience in the cardiology area.

CCU jobs

The cardiac nurse jobs that are located in the CCU can expect to be on an elite team of specialists who are able to provide life-saving measures to patients who are suffering heart attacks, heart disease or those who may be in need of a heart transplant. Additionally, these nurses are usually tasked to work long, hard hours where they are constantly on the go and dealing with complications that may arise with their patients. The nurses in this unit must be ready to provide the patients with CPR or medication. This type of position generally earns a top nursing salary with overtime being a frequent occurrence.

Cardiologist jobs

The other type of cardiac nurse job is in the office of a cardiologist. In this field, the cardiac nurse will assist the doctor with all types of testing to diagnose and treat various types of cardiac patients and their symptoms. After testing has been completed and a diagnosis is made, the nurse will also have the duty of educating the patient to help them make their heart healthy and prevent the progression of their cardiac problem. These jobs are typically not as fast-paced as that of the cardiac nurse jobs in the CCU; however, there will be times when a patient arrives in critical condition and requires stabilization before they can be transferred to a hospital. Additionally, these cardiac nurses generally enjoy a forty-hour work week with very little nights, weekends and holidays when they have to work.

There are numerous cardiac nurse jobs available for those registered nurses who enjoy working within the fast-paced environment of cardiology. There are few requirements to actually begin working in this field; however, should you want to earn your certification in cardiac nursing, you will be rewarded with additional career and salary opportunities with extensive training and education. Most healthcare providers will offer this type of certification at their cost since they will eventually benefit from your additional training.