Cardiac Nurse Job Description

To be qualified for one of the numerous cardiac nurse jobs available, all you are required to have is your current registered nurse (RN) license as well as some experience in the nursing industry. You may choose to get additional training in various cardiac certification programs. These jobs are available in either the cardiac care unit of a hospital or in the office of a cardiologist. While the duties included in the cardiac nurse job description vary, the main fundamentals remain the same: to provide quality healthcare services to patients who are suffering from all types of cardiac issues.

Cardiac care units (CCU)

The CCU is a special unit of a hospital or healthcare facility where the only patients who are admitted are those who have some form of cardiac problem. These problems can consist of anything from an arrhythmia up to heart transplant recipients. The cardiac nurse job description in the CCU includes ensuring the patient abides by the directions of the physician, monitoring the patient’s vital signs and ensuring that there are no complications. As the patient recovers, the cardiac nurse will also provide education as to how to regain cardiac health.

Cardiologist offices

The cardiac nurse job description in the office of a cardiologist is a little more involved with the patient than in a hospital setting. In this setting, the cardiac nurse will assist the doctor in all types of examinations and diagnoses. After a diagnosis has been made – like a CCU nurse – a nurse in the office setting will provide the patient with education that will help make to enhance cardiovascular health.

The cardiac nurse job description may vary between the CCU and a doctor’s office; however, they are always required to help those who are suffering from any type of cardiac issue. These conditions tend to require fast action. If cardiac nursing is your career goal, you need to begin gaining experience in the cardiac field through a combination of education and on-the-job training. This experience and knowledge will help you break into this highly specialized field.