Building Yourself as a Professional Nurse

Being a professional nurse involves so much more than simply going to work every day and taking care of patients. Nursing is a career that requires constant participation and improvement to be truly successful and marketable. If you want to establish yourself as a true professional, remember these keys to building yourself as a fully skilled professional:

Never Stop Learning

The more education you have, the more professional positions you will be qualified for. Check into master’s, PhD, or certification programs that will give you an advantage in your field. Participating in higher education and training will provide you with enhanced education and will also allow you to interact with and learn from others in the nursing field. When you commit to furthering your education, you are showing that you take yourself and your career seriously. You can further your potential by taking classes outside your industry, such as foreign language or computer technology courses. This diversifies your skill set and provides you with confidence.

Be Seen

Find an experienced nurse who will be your mentor. Working with an experienced professional will provide you with valuable insight and knowledge and will get you noticed by others in the workplace as someone who takes the job seriously. It is also a good idea to contribute useful ideas to the workplace and to be helpful to others. Show your knowledge, skills, and confidence without being arrogant or pushy and you will get noticed in all the right ways.

Take on Responsibilities

Asking for more responsibility demonstrates that you are actively trying to improve the hospital as well as yourself. It makes your supervisor look good and takes some of the workload from others. Just be careful not to take on more responsibility than you can handle, because nothing makes you look worse than not charting on time or backing out of responsibilities you asked for.

Publish Your Writing

Get a feel for editorial content and tone and pitch some ideas to a few reputable trade journals and magazines. Submit ideas and articles until you get one (or more) published. Being published is an amazing detail to add to your resume and establishes you as an expert nurse.


Start a blog through WordPress, Blogspot, or a similar platform and start blogging regularly on a subject in which you are experienced. Write positive, current, informative content and watch your following grow. This is an excellent way to establish yourself as a professional and is also a good way to advance your own learning and thought processes.

In short, your nursing career and reputation is in your hands alone. Take responsibility, demonstrate initiative, and be innovative in your thoughts and methods. By being confident and active, you will get the notice and acknowledgement you need to make sure you develop a strong personal reputation.