Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse

Many experienced nurses are finding a great new life in travel nursing. This opportunity allows you to live in a variety of areas, work with a broad range of people, and to experience life in a much richer way. As if that weren’t enough, travel nursing offers a host of other benefits that make it a great choice for nurses everywhere.


  • Cash bonuses – Some travel nurse assignments offer special bonuses upon sign-on or completion. These bonuses are paid in a lump amount and provide a great way to sock back some savings or to buy something you have long wanted. In addition, some companies offer referral bonuses that are paid to you immediately upon completion of your referred nurse’s assignment.
  • Excellent pay – Travel nurses often receive a greater amount of take home pay because they get a daily allowance for incidentals and meals, a guaranteed minimum number or working hours, and overtime pay.
  • Retirement benefits – Travel nurses who work for the best companies enjoy 401(k) retirement plans, whose benefits are available from the first day.
  • Free lodgings – Good travel nursing companies offer travelers furnished housing for free and pay for utilities. They also offer nurses the option to choose their own housing and receive a subsidy for the cost.
  • Insurance benefits – Most companies provide travel nurses with paid medical, dental, and life insurance with a choice of plans from which to choose.
  • Relocation help – Typically, travel nurses get information ahead of time about where they will work, information about the area, and necessary preparations.
  • Travel reimbursement – Generally, travel nursing companies reimburse nurses for all travel costs, including mileage fees to and from assignments. This reimbursement is usually tax free.
  • Employee discount programs – Many companies offer fantastic discount programs to travel nurses, including cut rates on pagers, luggage, cell phones, gym memberships, and more.

If you have been considering becoming a travel nurse, there are many fantastic benefits awaiting you. Start making arrangements today to go to work for one of these fantastic companies and learn to rediscover the joy and pleasure of the nursing profession.