Ambulatory Care Nursing

Ambulatory care nursing can be done through a long-term care facility or at a patient’s home. The main goal of this nursing specialty is to allow patients who have suffered debilitating diseases or injuries the ability to get back to the physical condition they had before they experienced the set-back. Most nurses in the ambulatory care nursing field enjoy their job because if they work in a long-term care facility, they are generally working in a transitional unit. This is where they have patients who are too sick to go home but recovered enough that they no longer require the specialized care of the hospital. If a home healthcare setting is their desired workplace, they travel to the patient’s home and assist them with daily or routine care. The ambulatory care nurse is typically required to have the title of registered nurse as well as some additional continued education that provides additional training in the ambulatory field.

Type of work

The type of work associated with ambulatory care nursing has the set goal of providing patients with the ability to become mobile. The term mobile depends on the type of injury the patient has sustained. For instance, if a patient suffers a major stroke, it is very unlikely that they will ever regain their previous physical abilities. In this type of situation, it is the goal of the ambulatory care nurse to provide education to the patient as well as any caregivers as to how they can get around on their own with the help of a specialized device. On the other hand, if a patient is young and has been in a serious car accident where they were severely injured, it will be the goal of this nurse to provide education and skills to the patient and their family as to what type of exercises they need to do to get their mobility back.

Required ambulatory nurse training

To enter into the field of ambulatory care nursing, the first step is to earn a college degree in the nursing field. Aspiring nursing students will have the option of earning a two-year associate’s degree or a four-year bachelor’s degree. Either of these can be completed through an online university. After education has been completed, they will go on to pass the required examinations set forth by the state in which they reside so they will have the title of registered nurse. After passing the RN exam, most ambulatory care nurses will begin working in a long-term care facility where they can gain experience in the specialty through on-the-job training and participating in any continuing education courses provided by the facility.

The field of ambulatory care nursing is a very important specialty in the nursing field. Nurses provide needed care for those who are suffering from illness and injury that has taken their independence. This can be a fun and exciting job where the nurse is truly helping people who would otherwise remain immobile and fully dependent on others.