Advanced Practice Nursing

An advanced practice nurse is becoming more and more in demand. These positions are held in high esteem by doctors and nurses alike. You will have more responsibility than a basic registered nurse; however, you will have less responsibility than a doctor. If you seek a highly respected nursing position with tremendous responsibilities, this is the nursing position for you.

Roles and responsibilities

Due to economic constraints, all medical employers are seeking ways to be more fiscally responsible. Doctors are some of the most expensive operating costs to any medical facility. It is not that they are overpaid. They are compensated properly for their expertise and educational investment. It is simply that it has become nearly impossible to efficiently run medical facilities. As an attempt to save money, while still providing top healthcare, medical facilities are looking to hire more advanced practice nurses. These nurses now perform many of the roles and responsibilities which were once exclusively for doctors. If a patient has a medical condition and their doctor is unavailable, an advanced practice nurse will be able to take over. They will examine the patient just as a doctor would. They will perform various basic diagnostic procedures and are able to prescribe medication.

People interested in these jobs should possess certain skills and attributes. You must have leadership skills. People will be looking to you in an emergency situation if a doctor is not present. You must be able to lead a team successfully in a stressful environment. As a medical professional, you never know when an emergency will present itself. You must be highly alert at all times. You must think logically and rationally during times of distress and you must also be able to give clear directions to other nurses. If you prefer someone else make the difficult decisions in medical situations of any kind, you might consider another area of nursing. If you are excited by the challenging prospect of this career, you should think about the educational requirements.

Education for advanced practice nurses

As with most nursing professions, an advanced practice nurse begins by pursuing the path of a registered nurse. You will be required to complete a bachelor’s degree rather than an associate’s degree if you pursue this nursing field. The reason for the advanced degree is that you will also be required to complete a master’s degree. You might choose a specific specialization during this time or maintain a general nursing degree. It is recommended you complete a doctorate degree in addition to a master’s degree. Many people choose online universities to complete their advanced degrees while they gain practical work experience. You may also have to complete a certification exam.

An advanced practice nurse is one of the most prestigious nursing positions. If you are dedicated to attaining a top career, this is the path for you. Start taking online courses today to change people’s lives tomorrow.