5 Simple Ways to Get Booted from Nursing School

Nursing school is one of the most stressful, frustrating things you can experience. After all, what if you mess up? What if you get embarrassed in front of others? These fears and others like them can have you walking on eggshells for a large part of the time. Once you get your feet under you, however, it can be easy to relax and start letting things slip. Be careful not to relax too much, however, or you may find yourself out of nursing school and out of luck. Here are 5 guaranteed way to get the nursing school boot. Avoid these if you really want to make it:

  • Cheating or not finishing work – you will have a syllabus for each class. Follow it religiously. While some professors will let you turn in assignments a little late, they will not be so understanding if you fail to do the work at all. Also be careful to never cheat and to avoid plagiarism. Cite everything just to be on the safe side of things.
  • Break rules – You will receive a handbook when you start clinicals. Make sure you read it thoroughly and make special note of any rules or procedures you feel may be troublesome to you. Follow the HIPAA guidelines at all times and never, every report to class or clinicals when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you are a smoker, avoid the temptation to sneak a smoke. In addition, keep your cell phone in your car to avoid the urge to text.
  • Miss clinicals or classes – Excused absences are mandated by the Department of Education, which allows a maximum of 10% absences. If your nursing program involves 780 clocked hours, you can only be excused for 78 without getting expelled. Follow the same attendance rule you would for a job. Only miss for extreme emergencies and make sure to notify an instructor of what is happening.
  • Fail to prepare – Get all certifications, health forms, and immunizations before the date of your first clinical. Wear your clean, pressed uniform and have any required paperwork completed well ahead of time.
  • Make your own opportunity – It can be tempting to want do things your own way, but don’t. Never perform a procedure without your professor observing. Avoid any behavior that may be deemed inappropriate, harassing, or harmful to another student or a patient. Conduct yourself as the professional you want to be at all times and you will be fine.

Nobody wants to be a nursing school failure when they grow up. Avoid making these common mistakes and you will have the greatest possible chances of successfully completing your training and becoming a nurse.