5 Places to Look for Nursing Jobs (Besides Hospitals)

If you are a new nurse, or will be graduating soon, you may immediately think that hospitals are your best options for finding a great job. Unfortunately, there is often stiff competition for the best hospital jobs and you may find yourself waiting a while to get hired. If you want to get hired quickly, it is time to think about your career a little differently. Here are 5 of the best places to look for a great nursing job (and to get hired quickly).

1. Clinics – In the rush to land a sweet position in a doctor’s office or hospital, it may be easy to overlook the opportunities offered by clinics. As increasing numbers of insurance companies deny payment for non-emergency ER visits and doctor’s offices have incredibly long wait times, more and more patients are turning to clinics for routine care. Many clinics do not advertise open positions, so it is a good idea to call the clinics in your area and to speak with an HR representative.

2. Nursing homes – Even if you hated nursing home work during nursing school, you should be aware that these facilities use registered nurses in many positions that require an RN degree, but that do not involve direct patient care. Even better is the fact that many of these facilities offer on-the-job training for new nursing graduates. If you need to get to work fast, apply for case management, MSDS, or utilization positions.

3. Physical rehabilitation centers – Many patients are sent to rehabilitation centers for recovery once their hospital treatment is completed. Patients in these centers may have external fixators, vents, trachs, and other interest conditions that can give you a great deal of experience in a short amount of time. While many of these centers prefer nursing candidates with prior experience, you can easily land a position if you perform well in the interview.

4. Substance rehabilitation centers – Substance abuse centers are in the business of helping patients detox. Because of the unstable physical nature of these patients, such facilities need an RN on duty at all times to dispense medications and to ensure that patients do not go into DTs or have seizures. Many people looking for nursing jobs overlook these facilities, meaning less competition for you. Call local substance rehab centers to check on their nursing statuses and to see if you can land an interview.

5. Dialysis clinics – Dialysis clinics perform dialysis on multiple patients every day of the week. They employ registered nurses to monitor patients and machines. Nurses in dialysis centers keep watch on vital signs, and check ports and machines for potential clots. Many clinics are more than willing to take on new graduates and train them on the job.

If you find that there is too much competition for nursing jobs in your area, consider checking out these less obvious opportunities so you can get to work quickly and start building your professional resume.