5 Handy Tools to Help You Get Through Nursing School

Nursing students have a lot to remember. You can read all of your chapters and course outlines, but studying can still be confusing. What do you study? How can you remember it all? If you need help and you need it now, there are many excellent tools and resources that can make nursing school a little easier. If you are trying to get the most of your studies, these 5 handy tools can help you remember things more easily and can help you clarify difficult concepts:


Mnemonics have long been one of the most useful study aids in almost any field. These easy memorization techniques make it easy to enhance your memorization and to keep that valuable information in your brain for quick reference. Mnemonics are especially useful in remembering lists of facts, like those required of nursing students. There is a fantastic database of medical mnemonics available that can help you study and remember even the most difficult concepts at http://www.medicalmnemonics.com/.

Arterial Blood Gases

An important part of nursing education is the evaluation of arterial blood gases. This involves identifying the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen in blood and also the blood acidity when it exits the heart. To help you learn to assess lung oxygen capacity, respiratory adequacy, acid-base balance, and oxygen pressure in the blood stream, you can brush up on your facts at http://www.uihealthcare.com/topics/index.html.

Cardiac and Respiratory Sounds

Do you need practice in identifying and deciphering normal and abnormal respiratory and cardiac sounds? You can use the virtual stethoscope at http://www.smm.org/heart/heart/steth-f.htm.

Reading EKGs

There are so many types of cardiac arrhythmias that it can be difficult to interpret EKG or ECG rhythms. If you want to brush up and strengthen your skills, you can do so at http://bioscience.org/atlases/heart/index.htm. This site has a massive variety of EKGs and heart sounds to help you get the hang of identification.

Drug Dosage Calculator

While your instructors will want you to calculate dosages and drug conversions with pencil and paper, calculators can be highly valuable to help you check your calculations. All drug calculations should be confirmed before use and clinical judgment always overrides calculations. You can access some useful calculators at http://manuelsweb.com/nrs_calculators.htm.

While nothing will make nursing school easy, tools like these can definitely help. Use these to help you improve your skills and knowledge and to make sure you are getting the maximum effort from your studying efforts.