During your nursing career, you may find that getting respect is not always as easy as it should be? Unfortunately, there are many doctors who seem to get a perverse thrill from berating nurses. So how can you win over these difficult doctors and get the professional respect you really deserve? Try following these effective steps to ensure that you are treated as the professional you are:

Get It Together

Often, physicians get easily irritated with nurses who contact them unnecessarily, or with incomplete information. If you are going to call to alert a doctor of a change in the patient’s condition, make sure you have all vitals, lab work, and other information at hand before making the call. Be prepared to answer any questions the doctor has and he or she will see you as a competent professional. Furthermore, if there is a physician with whom you constantly have problems, sit down with him or her and ask exactly how he or she wants things done in the future to save further problems.

Be a Confident, Effective Communicator

You are a professional. Remember that when you are communicating with a physician. Be open and honest. Stand up and make yourself an effective part of the team, a member that contributes to the patient’s treatment instead of passively waiting for directions. Physicians have the highest respect for nurses who show confidence in their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Competent nurses are always ready to make suggestions in addition to simply taking orders. They are also ready and willing to do more than they are expected to do for their patients, their team, and their department. While there are sure to be some physicians who seem impossible to please, taking a more confident, professional approach to your interactions with doctors will go a long way toward earning respectful treatment. Remember that while the physician is the head of the care team, nurses are vital, contributing members as well.